Monday, July 13, 2015

Naperville, Illinois

Downtown Naperville, IL
Just came back from a trip to Illinois to visit family.  We spent a morning in Naperville going through the shops and walking down the river.

Downtown Naperville, IL
Here are some pictures...

What I like about old downtowns like this is that they are so interesting.  The traffic is very slow and you never feel at risk by walking on the sidewalk.

This is how we used to build cities.  Before automobiles, we had to push buildings together so that you could walk to them.  And this style created some very interesting downtowns.

But today we get Walmarts.  I am not against Walmart.  But wouldn't it be great if Vail had a downtown like this?  Wouldn't it be great if it was within a mile or two from the vast majority of population in Vail?  How much healthier would it be if you could walk from Del Lago to a downtown area like this to do some shopping, grab a bite to eat, or enjoy some entertainment?

It is possible.

Do what you can to create a Smart Vail.

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