About Smart Vail

Smart Vail is a blog, website, and a movement dedicated to our great Vail, Arizona.

Vail is a great place to live.  The weather is more moderate than Phoenix or even Tucson.  The atmosphere is relaxed. The skies are filled with stars at night.  The people are amazing.  In short, Vail is a great place to live.

But Vail has its shortcomings.  There is very little retail or jobs here.  There is no regional plan for the vacant land. There is no plan to preserve any of the vacant land. There is no plan to create trails, parks, transportation, or community centers.  Most importantly, Vail is surrounded by vacant land that one day will be developed as someone outside of Vail sees fit.

Without a strong effort by Vail's residents, Vail will someday disappear.  It will be annexed by the City of Tucson.  People will wonder, "Why is everything here called Vail?"

But with a strong effort by Vail's residents, the future could be different.  Vail could be filled with parks, trails, shopping, and an identity vastly different from Tucson.  It could be the "Crown Jewell" of Tucson. How does Vail create this identity?  It requires much work from intentional people who figure it out.

Smart Vail is dedicated to begin the conversation.  Picking up where the Vail Community Action Board left off, it desires to inform residents of the options and then figure out how to get there.

If you would like to join the movement, send an email to David Hook at  You can join the board or work on one of the committees.

Together we can preserve and protect our great town between the tracks.

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